How to Write a Fantasy Novel

  1.  Come up with an original idea. Tell all your friends and when they mention it sounds exactly like the plot of ‘insert any fantasy movie here’, tweak it just enough to make it really unique. Like, maybe in your fantasy world, nobody wears socks. Or anyone whose name starts with an ‘S’ has an extra toe.
  2. Start plotting the book. It’s better if you come up with random badass scenes out of chronological order that in no way relate to each other or the theme of the book.
  3. Realize it will not be one book, it will be twelve.
  4. Add dragons, even though you swore not to. Convince yourself it’s okay to have dragons, and it’s not a ripoff of Game of Thrones. Lots of books have dragons.
  5. Spend a week working on the coolest names for your characters. M’lakerine Swordthruster Notkhaleesi. Or maybe Tom.
  6. Get a few chapters in and come up with an even better idea.
  7. Repeat the cycle.
  8. Never finish anything but have a drawer (or hard drive) full of character spreadsheets, random chapters and endless hopes and dreams.




Or, some alternate advice if the above doesn’t work out:

  1. Come up with a cool idea.
  2. Write the book.
  3. Let me read it because I love fantasy novels, even especially if there are dragons, ridiculous names and characters with extra toes and no socks.


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